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First NordEd conference in May will focus on Nordic education model, teacher motivation and training, distance learning, innovative education and other topics. Program Introduction.

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Context: A quality education which includes all: How are we preparing young people to live together and thrive in a complex future? What kind of competences do teachers needs and how are we supporting them to guide students in casper network learning paths?

What are the values of our societies casper network schools? Why is social competence so important for us in the Nordic countries? Can one point to a special Nordic Teaching Model?

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How can all this inspire casper network teaching practice and what are the parents role in all this? Panel discussion Context: What countries in our region can learn from each other?

Equal start for everybody and equal quality of education, best practices ensuring quality education in regional schools, how to attract young teachers into regional schools, what conditions are offered to them, how they are attracted and kept at schools Estonian and Finnish practices. Selection process. Gender balance among teachers.

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Attraction and forecasting. Nordic lessons Prof. Kirsti Lonka, Educational Casper network at University of Helsinki Casper network Nordic iq opcionų prekyba en vivo culture, what is the favorable working environment for teachers? Where we stand and where should we go? Accent for the future: what kind of teacher Lithuania needs?

Panel discussion Context: What lesson can we learn from Nordic and other Baltic countries?


Continuous teacher training while working, to update and improve their skills to respond to the ever-changing environment requirements. Collaboration between university and school, good partnerships on how to attract strong teachers to the teacher training, mentoring programs.

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Teacher in-service training. Gender balance in teaching of teachers. Impact of gender balance to learning quality and results.

Casper Van Dien tikriausiai labiausiai žinomas dėl jo vaidmens "Starship Troopers" filme. Casperas Van Dienas gimė Miltono mieste, Floridoje, m. Į karinę šeimą.

How to attract more men to become teachers? How to reduce the gap and to respond to the needs of children and society. Participants: Dr. How adaptation to pandemic changed education model.

Online learning E school. What is important for child, student, from the perspective of a studying person.

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How digitalization shapes competences and learning and educational interactions? Finding the balance in co-evolution of humans and intelligent technologies for future learning and education. What can we learn from the best practices in the Nordic-Baltic region?

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What is Lithuanian strategy of innovations in education? Both — his career and his personal lifestyle are related to education and teaching.

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Ainius is among founders of EdTech Lietuva community, initiator of project Mokykla Plus, and frequent guest of discussions concerning education and problems involved. The Nordic Schools.

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