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    An ever danske bank usa global economy influences the need for a comprehensive and long-term industrial policy strategy, both at the EU and national level, to enable European industry to become danske bank usa competitive, technologically advanced and standing firmly on the feet. Industry and business in Germany and France are already shaping their position on the further evolution and development of industry by Lithuania should not fall behind, as we are an industrialized country where industry contributes approx.

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    The Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists LPK emphasizes that such a comprehensive EU industial strategy should reflect the interests of all the interested EU Member States, no matter large and small, less or more economically developed. In the current era of technological changes, Europe and its industry need to make great efforts to meet the emerging geopolitical and technological challenges. Now more than ever, the focus is on the future of Europe, its competitiveness and leadership, and the impact of global economic trends on business decisions.

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    An integral part of this debate is the future of industry and business — an engine of the economy. This we will try unfold during our traditional international meeting of the stakeholders in Government, industry, business and academia — Annual Economic Forum

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